ATEC Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6) Filter Sampler
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 On screen Standard Operating Procedures provide step-by-step during instrument setup
 Canister flow rate and pressure logged during sampling
 Canister pressure and flow rate monitored for out of tolerance conditions
 Cartridge and filter flow rate and volume logged during sampling
 Cartridge and filter flow rate monitored for out of tolerance conditions
 Auto zero of mass flow controllers
 Software calibration of mass flow controllers and pressure transducers
 Duplicate sampling with independent mass flow controllers (4 Max)
 Optional label printer to provide QA labels for cartridges
 Data download to jump drive
 Idle ports and collocated channels can be programmed while sampling
 Programmable purge for main unit and expansion units flushes sample path
 Temperature controlled ozone scrubber for carbonyl sampling
 Manual mode operation to activate all components
Model 3400 Manual - Freescale Version
Model 3400 Manual - XScale Version